Our custom-made technology solutions underpin many of the services we offer at EP Team. We have Park-LIVE for parking management, monitoring, and advanced ticketing, Accredit-LIVE for the management of staff and visitor accreditation and access, and tech-supported bag drop facilities to enhance location security.
PARK-LIVE allows people to book parking in advance with directions sent straight to their phones. On arrival, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology matches their booking with their vehicle, speeding up the parking process. Park-LIVE includes a desktop management portal that provides real-time data to help you maximise parking planning and better manage revenues. To support your parking solution, EP Team can provide traffic and parking management, staffing, and equipment including barriers and custom signage.
Your guests want to know their bags and belongings are stored safely and securely, letting them get the most out of the experience you've crafted for them. Our bag drop solution does exactly that, and can process approximately 1,500 bags every 30 minutes. EP Team's bag drop service is highly scalable, and is supported by industry-leading technology that allows for real time monitoring and live data reporting. Along with the technology itself, we can provide highly trained staff to help your bag drop operation run as smoothly as your guests expect.
Accredit-LIVE provides a robust, secure, auditable accreditation solution that's also GDPR compliant. With Accredit-LIVE, you can split users into groups with different permissions, and have the option to lock super-user access to specific IP addresses for increased protection. Your location or site can be categorised into zones and departments, giving you even more security and flexibility. Management of access passes is easy and fast via Accredit-LIVE's desktop app, with access pass printing never more than a few clicks away.